Play Video Lo, Nokia Ringtone Fugue (Vincent Lo)

NOKIA 2:11 Lo, Nokia Ringtone Fugue (Vincent Lo) Fugue based on the Nokia ring-tone melody, composed by Vincent Lo (zeryx28 on YouTube), accompanied by a scrolling bar-graph score.


Q: Where did the Nokia ring-tone melody come from?
A: It is from Francisco Tárrega’s solo guitar piece Gran Vals:

Q: Where can I get the sheet music for this piece?
A: You can see the sheet music in Vincent’s own video for this piece:

If you ask him, he’ll probably give you the sheet music.

Q: I don’t see anything; what’s wrong?
A: I don’t know; this used to work, but apparently YouTube changed something. I’ve posted another version here — give it a try:

If you’re already watching the alternate and want to try the original, it’s here:

Q: Who is playing this piece?
A: Nobody; this is just the playback from the Sibelius notation program.

Q: Is there a way I could make the bar-graph scores myself?
A: The Music Animation Machine MIDI file player will generate this display; you can get the (Windows) software here:
There are lots of places on the web where you can get MIDI files; I usually go to the Classical Archives site first:

Q: Could you please do a MAM video of _________?
A: Please read:
. Lo, Nokia Ringtone Fugue (Vincent Lo)

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