Play Video The Ultimate LG G6 Water Survival Test!

lg 5:27 The Ultimate LG G6 Water Survival Test! Can the LG G6 Survive a Waterfall? a Pressure Washer? Enjoy!
The $1,500 Smart Room 😮
LG challenged me to test how durable their new LG G6 is vs water. Took it through a series of tests and it held its own pretty well.

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My Gear:

Do not try this at home as this is my creative expression of extreme water tests as this phone has only been tested and verified for IP68 only. The LG G6 is water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes; completely wipe and dry after any exposure to liquid. Do not attempt to charge your phone while wet or when moisture is present. Exposure to liquid or moisture or to shocks, drops, or other physical abuse may cause damage and void the limited warranty.

Product Disclosure
“I am using in this filming is a pre-production preview unit.”

IP/Testing Disclosure
Every water test you see in this video is UNOFFICIAL and the results DO NOT imply that Brand is claiming for any of the results to be accurate of its smartphone device. Furthermore, these unofficial tests make no claim to have been conducted in an official test setting, as I do not have the qualifications to provide official results. The tests I have done in the video are my creative expression on how I believe these tests could potentially be conducted in everyday life. Even though my personal tests has shown LG to be water resistant, if your phone does get damaged by this, it may not be protected by the warranty so it’s always good to double check. The Ultimate LG G6 Water Survival Test!

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